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*Hoyt Formula Carbon X-Tour Limbs "Bamboo" used
Crafting high-performance recurve limbs is both a science and an art, and Hoyt has been developing in both respects for more than 86 years. We are proud to present the culmination of nearly 9 decades of knowledge and experience: The Carbon X-tour, our fastest recurve limb ever. This premier-level performance limb is available in Hoyt’s proven syntactic foam configuration, as well as an all-new, exclusive laminated bamboo configuration. Both configurations are engineered with high-performance carbon layers to promote the dynamic limb straightness and precision string tracking Hoyt limbs are known for.​
539.99 USD
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*Hoyt Grand Prix F7 - Carbon / Foam Kern Wurfarme
Das sind die schnellsten Grand Prix - Serien Limbs die überhaupt hergestellt wurden. Neuentwickelte Wurfarme aus Triaxial-Carbon in Verbindung mit synthetischem Schaumkern.
459.99 USD
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*Samick Extreme BF Carbon/Foam Wurfarme  68"  44 lbs - GEBRAUCHT
UVP 399.99 USD
Nur 399.99 USD
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