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12 x  Easton X10   380 GP

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use X10 4101
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The X10 is the ultimate arrow shaft for outdoor target and FITA style competition. The X10 is smaller in diameter and barrel-shaped like the A/C/E to maximize stiffness. With even less wind drift than the A/C/E it is the most stable arrow in any condition. The heavier mass weight of the X10 maintains better downrange velocity and is more forgiving on a rough release. The X10 holds more world records in both recurve and compound division than any other shaft. At the Sydney Olympics it was the most successful arrow, winning more medals than any other arrow.
X10   380  C2
Shaft Length only, approx.: 29 5/16"        
Shaft Length and Nock  
Total Length (nock grove to point tip)
Shaft cut from the back:  -
Points:   -
Nocks:    -
Vanes: GasPro Vanes Shield 2" Medium (blau)
The Arrows are hardly shot.
Arrows are RH fletched
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