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*Hoyt Faktor 25" silber

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Target Colors (Anodize):
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Since 1931, Hoyt recurve risers have been the innovating force in the recurve market—continually advancing industry standards of engineering and performance.
We are proud to continue that tradition in 2017 by introducing the most high-performance, stable recurve riser we have ever produced: the all-new Formula Faktor.
The first thing you will notice about the Faktor is the significantly wider front aspect of the riser. This increased width greatly enhances stability and aiming, and reduces the side-to-side movement normally felt in the riser at release, while delivering a very responsive shooting experience. Though wider, the Formula Faktor is specifically engineered with optimized flex patterns to ensure ultimate accuracy and forgiveness. In addition to this groundbreaking riser design, based on the Earl Hoyt geometry, the Faktor 25” and 27” models both bring a slew of advanced features and key technologies to the table.
Hoyt Formula Platform
New Modular Weight System
New VertaTune™ Clicker System
New Collet-style Tiller Bolts
Pro-Series Limb Adjustment Dowels

The Faktor is built on Hoyt’s proven Formula platform, hands down the winningest system in recent history. Formula Series risers feature the elongated Hoyt Paralever pocket system, delivering unparalleled precision to limb-riser alignment and a stone-stable shooting platform that reduces overall riser load by 40%. The Formula platform also utilizes more limb length than other pocket systems, providing an ultra-smooth limb flex pattern, free of hotspots, that delivers speed and stability.
NEW MODULAR WEIGHT SYSTEM (available separately)
Our all-new Modular Weight System allows for riser weight customization, enabling you to fine-tune your setup based on your personal mass weight and stabilization preferences. The stainless steel weight modules are custom-designed for the Faktor riser cutouts, enabling clean, easy weight adjustment that helps you pick up points on your scorecard. 3.3 ounces of weight adjustment is available both near the upper limb and the lower limb, for a total of 6.6 ounces of total weight customization.
We have built upon the success of our VertaTune system by introducing a full 360 degrees for cushion plunger lock-down by recessing a machined aluminum plate into the riser. We also increased thread depth for better engagement, ensuring the cushion plunger is securely locked in place in all settings. Each Faktor series riser comes with 3 machined aluminum VertaTune clicker plates for a low, medium and high rest/plunger position, allowing for 6mm of overall adjustment based on your preference and setup.
The patented Pro Series tiller bolt gets an upgrade for 2017. This new design ensures that the tiller bolt remains centered in the pocket, in all conditions, by locking internally against the threads of the riser as the bolt is tightened. The result is ultimate accuracy and precise limb alignment.
Our revolutionary, patented Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels feature our standard left and right adjustability and now a new Independent Limb Tuning Technology allows for micro adjustments to the limbs, ensuring they always stay centered and balanced throughout the draw cycle.

Target Colors (Anodize): Silver Ice

Riser thread size for: 
Stabilizer (front/back) 5/16 - 24
Clicker 6/32
Sight 10-24

Hoyt Owner Manual

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