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GAS PRO Vanes "Parabolic"

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Welcome to the new generation of vanes. Gas pro has developed a spin vane with a innovative material for better grouping, light for higher speed and a new profile for more hits! Material and double side tape and black tape to secure the vanes are included and they are the best on the market. 2". Suitable for recurve or compound bow, designed for outdoor and indoor shooting too. 


The strengths that have made possible these brilliant results can be summarized in three unparalleled features:


SPIN shape that aids a better group; 


LIGHT weight that improves speed; 


GAS PRO that means new generation materials.

Packing contents 50 vanes

Length: 2 inch


Modell: RH and LH
Colors: black, blue, green, red, yellow  and white

Double sided tape and end tape included.


2" PARABOLIC MEDIUM: 1,04 grs   -    2" PARABOLIC HARD: 1,2 grs


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